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Elethia Symposium is a youth-led educational forum aimed at disrupting the current status quo being practised and inherited over the ages, across the world. We discuss varying crises being faced by humanity and empower the youth for coming up with invigorating solutions for the same. Our endeavors ensure not only a healed tomorrow but also a healed humankind. It is affiliated with top, respectable NGOs like UN75, Teach For India, Cuddles Foundation, Clubfoot India Initiatives Trust, Childline India Foundation, Robin Hood Army, Smiles Foundation, Rescue Foundation, World For All Animal Care And Adoptions, Pray For Stray, Spark A Change, Bombay Natural History Society, Seva Mandir, Health Ashram, We Plant and Indian Samaritans. We have also previously partnered with House of Candy India, Starbucks Coffee India, and Fix A Flix Box. We have also partnered up with UN Ocean’s Day, Oceanic Global, Captain Earth, and Lonely Whale, which are organizations in the USA. Simultaneously, we have also partnered up with Allatra International, a Czech Republic organization.

It is a platform for future policymakers to exchange thoughts on the current status quo of the world and satiate their thirst for knowledge by imparting and inculcating informative views on different subjects.

Our organization has reached great heights as we have hosted educational events with over 400+ participants in the past and have hosted eminent dignitaries like the Senior Partner of the tier-1 law firm, Trilegal, Indian Ambassadors, Policy Advisor to the Queen of England, and more. We have trained over 2000+ students. We have also taught women self-help groups regarding financial literacy and how not to fall prey to financial frauds with Seva Mandir in Kaya Centre, Udaipur. Our recent partnership with IIT Kharagpur has established it as our formal Education Partner and we are hosting the annual IIT Kharagpur Model UN Conference. 

We are a social start-up and are trying to create a change in the social paradigm.


Elethia Symposium is a social startup based upon the achievement of SDG 4 which aims to equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.”. We at Elethia believe that each and every person irrespective of age or gender or any other social or economic differences deserves to get educated, it is their RIGHT. When talking about education we don’t only talk about basic education or education in a specific aspect but we take education to mean anything and everything that can help and improve people’s quality of life, this could range from vocational education to even education in technical areas. We feel that it is our duty. We believe it to be our duty to do our part in making sure that every person is able to get this right met and is able to utilize it to the best of their capabilities for the betterment of themselves and others around them. We live in a society and society is the building block of every institution and the building block of every society is people, that is why we at Elethia believe that it is important and imperative for people to do their part for the betterment of one another and eventually themselves. What people need to realize is that when we help someone in reality we are actually helping ourselves because it is together as one that we can achieve what is necessary for all of us. We feel it is our responsibility to help those who are underpriveliged and those who may not have acesss to all the required resource and we wish to merely act as a platform or a medium for this transfer or exchange of knowledge after all knowledge is the best gift one can give to a person. We at Elethia wish to change the better and we feel that education is the method and tool that can enable us to achieve this and change the world.


We live by and are inspired by these words of Nelson Mandela – “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."

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